9th “Business Gazelle” for Sindbad

The first edition of "Business Pulse" was released on January 14, 1997. This nationwide specialist journal devoted to business, economy and the stock market initiated in 2000 an annual ranking of the fastest-growing small and medium-sized businesses. In this elite group Sindbad was awarded "Business Gazelle" already 9 times and we hope for more.

A company which applies for the title“Business Gazelle 2013” has to meet all of the following criteria:


- the company started its business before 2010 and leads it continuously until today
- in the base year 2010 sales revenues ranged between 3 and 200 million zloty
- in 2010-2012 year after year itexperienced an increase in sales revenue
- in 2010-2012 it never recorded a loss
- enabled the analysis of its financial results since at least 2010.