Here you will find themost important information about our international coach tickets, luggage, the trip on Sindbad coaches etc. 


General terms
How long is open ticket valid for?

Open ticket is valid for 12 months from the date of departure.

What is the luggage limit?

The price of ticket includes transport of 1 or 2 pieces of luggage with a total limit not exceeding 30 kg (however, the weight of one piece of luggage cannot exceed 25 kg) and 5 kg hand luggage – except Italy, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia and Greece, where a Passenger can take one piece of luggage weighting no more than 25 kg, and, additionally, 5 kg hand luggage.

Is it possible to send a package or just single luggage?

No. Sindbad company is not a courier company and we do not transport single packages, we are not responsible for any packages that are handed to our drivers or pilots in order to transport. 

What standard do you offer to the Passengers?

Our coaches are equipped with air-conditioning, toilet, DVD player, board bar with hot and cold drinks.

Is there always a pilot on board?

Pilot is present on every coach on international lines.

What documents are required during the travel to EU countries?

Identity card or passport is required.

Is it possible to travel to countries that are not part of the EU only with the identity card?

Binding information concerning this topic is given in the Department of Passports in every town or in the Embassy of a particular country.

Is it possible to travel abroad only with school ID or birth certificate?

No. School ID or birth certificate are not the documents that allow Passenger to travel abroad.

Is it possible to book the specific seat on the coach?

Specific numbers of seats are not apportioned on coach. Pilot gives seats for the Passengers.

Is it possible to end the travel “en route”?

No. Entering and exiting the coach is allowed in definite places according to the timetable, based on the actual line permission.

Can I travel with my dog?

It is forbidden to travel with a dog. In exceptional situations, it is possible to carry a small animal, however it requires a written consent of the carrier. The carrier can agree to transport a small animal (dog, cat, ferret – up to 4 kg!). Transported animal must have a passport, implanted microchip and all the veterinary examination that are required by the country Passenger is travelling to. The cost of animal transport is 50% of normal ticket value – the Passenger needs to buy normal ticket. This does not concern travel to Great Britain and Italy, where animal transport is strictly banned.

Do I have an insurance during the travel?

The Passenger is covered by personal accident insurance of the Carrier (NNW). The insurance covers only situation that may occur while the Passenger remains in the coach. Any other incidents resulting in damages to the Passenger outside the coach are not covered by this insurance. 

Can I buy for myself a second place on the coach?

Yes. The passenger has the possibility to buy for himself a second place, the price of the second ticket is 50% of the ticket price - while buying fully paid ticket.

Can I buy a ticket in PLN abroad?

When purchasing ticket at the Travel Agency, Passenger pays for the ticket in the currency applicable in a given country (Germany - EUR, England - GBP, etc.). If you buy the ticket through our website www.sindbad.pl, paying by card or by bank transfer, Passenger can pay in PLN. 

Will I have to change coaches during the travel?

During the journey, due to logistical reasons or Passengers’ security, a coach change can take place. Information about possible coach changes is given during the day of departure.

Children's transport
Does a child needs a seat during the travel?

According to the amendment of The Act, Road Traffic Law, which entered into force on 15.05.2015, it is not obliged to carry children in safety seats in coaches.

Can children under 12 years of age travel alone?

Children under 12 cannot travel independently on Sindbad coaches.

Can children above 12 years of age travel alone?

Yes. Children above 12 may travel alone (except Italy, Greece, Ukraine, Bulgaria and The United Kingdom ). Guardians accompanying children at the place of departure are required to sign: “Handling Advice for Unaccompanied Minor”, which is available at the coach pilot. For unaccompanied minors (above 16)  travelling to the UK, it is required to provide additional information, such as: photocopies of parents passports, personal data of an adult with whom the child is travelling to the UK, personal data of an adult in the UK to which the child is travelling, the reason for travel, as well as UK address with postcode. 

Where to intervene in case of incorrectly issued ticket?

Passenger reports problems with the ticket at the Travel Agency, where the ticket was purchased (in case of purchase through the Internet, please call the helpline).

What to do if your luggage is lost?

Losing luggage happens very rarely, however, it is good to know what to do in such situations. Any complaint concerning lost luggage should be reported to the coach pilot. In case of lost baggage, please contact us at the phone number +48 77 545 98 45.

Where can I report opinions and observations?

All opinions and observations can be reported:
- In writing - by registered letter to the following address: Sinbad Sp. z o.o. ul. Działkowa 4, 45- 144 Opole.
- By phone: +48 77 549 48 45, Fax.: +48 77 549 48 40,
- Email: reklamacje@sindbad.pl or in writing

Where can I report complaints?

Any complaints resulting from the execution of a transport agreement are to be sent in writing (by registered letter) to the Carrier’s address within three months from the occurrence of circumstances being the subject of the complaint. The person authorised to lodge a complaint is the Passenger or his legal guardian, legal successor or proxy. Complaints submitted by third parties shall not be considered. The complaint shall be accompanied with the ticket or its photocopy, andin case of a luggage complaint, a written confirmation of his luggage damage or loss.


The Carrier shall consider complaints in one month from the date of delivery to the aforementioned address. In justified cases, this period may be extended to three months, provided that the Carrier gives Passenger the reasons for extending the period for considering the complaint. This notification must occur within 30 days from the date of receiving the complaint by the Carrier.