The millionth passenger in 2013 on the board of Sinbad

Red carpet, fireworks and champagne. This is how we welcomed the millionth passenger in 2013, who boarded our coach exactly on 29 November.

This is the second year in a row when we managed to carry over one million passengers in one year. In 2012, a record-breaking transport took place on 8 December. This year we have achieved a round figure of one million passengers a little earlier, and that was at the end of November. On this occasion we have prepared a few surprises for our passengers.


It already started at Gliwice bus station, where from among people travelling on coach, we selected 24 individuals, who had the opportunity to take our unique coach ride. This is the only Polish coach with seats in conference system, well-equipped kitchen, dual-zone air conditioning, Wi-Fi network and with the latest ABS, ASR, ESP safety systems. From among people who were on board of our unique coach, we drewthe millionth customer. It was Mr. Ireneusz, who traveled from Krosno to Dusseldorf. This was his third travel with Sindbad, and Mr. Ireneusz was persuaded to use our services by his colleague.

Passengers with numbers 999 999 and 1 000 001 were also awarded - Mr. Klaudiusz, traveling from Tarnow to Essen, and Ms. Małgorzata, traveling with Sindbad for 20 years. Three lucky passengers received gifts in the form of company gadgets and a promise of a free travel with Sinbad lines. In addition, all passengers who were on board were given the opportunity to complete an application for the Loyalty Card. People who were already our loyalty customers, on the other hand, received applications for achieving golden card for VIP passengers.

People traveling on other coaches aiming in the direction of the bus stop in Opole, the city where the main headquarters of Sindbad is situated, took part in the drawing of company gifts. To further emphasize the unique atmosphere of this day, all passengers departing from Opole during that day could toast a symbolic glass of champagne.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers for giving us confidence and for using the services of Sindbad platform.